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Day one of Inktober!

So I have decided to do this years Inktober – a project started by illustrator Jake Parker whose work you should check out as he is a really brilliant Illustrator and well worth the look! You can find his work on his website at or you can like him on Facebook or any other social media sites that he uses!

Getting back to Inktober – for those who don’t know it is a drawing challenge that takes place every October since 2009. All drawings have to involve ink, hence the name. You can choose to do it in one of three ways, the main one being 31 drawings over the 31 days which is the one I am aiming to have a go at. You can find more information about the project here if anyone is interested in participating.

So, to start things off I have gone with robot heads or faces – it pretty much depends on what you want to call them really. It is honestly completely random. Not sure yet whether to operate on more of a theme heavy approach but I am quite happy with doing the more random stuff.  I don’t know yet really. The important thing is that I hope you enjoy what I come up with over the next 30 days.

Also, on a side note Jake Parker has made a How To Ink course which is really cool  so you can find that here! It is something you have to pay for but it’s defiantly worth it.