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So after 3 days of Inktober I have finally got around to actually posting them here rather then just on other sites! Up until now it has been going really well and I have been very happy with how my ink drawings have been turning out. It has been so long since I have had the chance to make these kinds of drawings that I actually forgot how much I enjoy making them.

So far my drawings have been fairly random except for today’s drawing which I have decided to go with Jon Burgerman’s hash-tag “it’s great to create” mainly due to the fact that I am a big fan of his work and I really like its meaning. I originally planned on doing it for Quote/Unquote but I was never really happy with how it came out so I ended up going with a Paul Rand Quote instead. I am actually really glad that I have come back to it now as I think for now anyway that I am quite happy with it and how it looks.

For Day two and three they was no really major emphasis on anything in particular. Day two was a mixture of city buildings and an underwater world with a mechanical crab appearing at the bottom. It’s really more something I wanted to experiment with and see what I got as I have done other drawings separating them more heavily and I wanted to see how they would work together.

The third drawing inspiration came from a poster design that never amounted to anything really but I liked how the composition worked. In making this piece I was able to give the idea some use rather then just leaving it abandoned completely.