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Embrace what you love!:

Design Competition

This was my entry for the Embrace what you love! Design Competition in Dublin which was ran by the Design Print & Packaging Skillnet. The competition was in part judged by Steve Simpson an illustrator whose work I really enjoy. So in being one of eleven finalists felt like quite an achievement and I was really happy to be part of it. It was also great to get to look through Steve Simpsons Sketchbooks who is well worth a look at he does really amazing work!

The t-shirt version of this came about for two reasons really. One I had a friend who was looking for it on a t-shirt. Reason two I had just got asked to put my work onto t-shirts. So it worked out as a win win really. Fantastic timing too as I got the email like a day after my friend was asking for it.

If you would like to purchase this on a t-shirt or any other design I have you can find them here!